Not long ago, I was driving home, and I noticed a “Road Closed – High Water” sign standing nearly on the shoulder of a side road I pass often. So, I thought to myself, “Ooo… look at that. I’d better drive down there and see what’s going on.” So, I did. Now, my purpose was innocent curiosity, but as I started passing flooded homes and finally came to the spot where the road was completely submerged, I realized that I had totally blown off a very real sign placed by the local authorities. I’m rather strict when obeying traffic rules, but for whatever reason, it never registered to me that the sign I saw was meant for me. This lead to the realization that I have probably walked straight through all kinds of signs in my life without realizing they were meant for me. Maybe we should all keep a better eye out.

Happy Awesomeday, everyone. Thank you for reading. Please pass the robots on to your friends. There’s plenty for all!